500 gpd
600 gpd
800 gpd
1000 gpd
1500 gpd
        Installation of a NAYADIC           model M-2000A 1500 gpd
       Certified ANSI / NSF
             standard 40
  Model M-6A
   Model M-8A
     Model M-1050-A
Model M-1200-A
  Model M-2000-A
The Nayadic (pronounced nie-add-ick) sewage treatment system is a very simple and cost effective design that works exceptionally well. There are no internal moving parts to maintain or replace. Its lightweight reinforced fiberglass construction makes installation very easy.
An external compressor pumps air into the bottom of the system using an air diffuser to supply oxygen for suspended growth of aerobic bacteria. Nayadic can remove up to 95% of sewage contaminants and discharges clear and odorless effluent.
Installed M6-A 500 gpd NAYADIC

By Consolidated Treatment Systems
NAYADIC model M-1200-A
1000 gpd
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