Sewage Equipment Sales & Service got started in the on-site/decentralized sewage treatment business over 30 years ago because we wanted to help protect Alabama's watersheds, aquifers, wells and all other underground water resources as well as the lakes, rivers and streams which is why we are also a member of the Black Warrior River Basin Clean Water Partnership Committee.

 Many technological advancements in the sewage treatment industry have been made since Sewage Equipment Sales & Service was first started and we have continued to grow with the industry. State and local health departments have implemented  
more stringent sewage discharge & monitoring requirements every year, especially around our lakes and rivers. We believe the treatment systems we offer are the absolute best of their kind available.
 Our systems are designed to treat sewage and wastewater with biological micro-organisms (aerobic bacteria) that break down raw sewage and dramatically reduce TSS (total suspended solids) and BOD (biological oxygen demand) as well as nitrate levels, fecal coliform and other harmful chemicals and pathogenic bacteria. When working properly and maintained, our systems discharge 95 percent to 99 percent clean water  back into the ground. On some applications, the treated effluent can be reused for sub-surface irrigation. Our systems can be installed in many different types of difficult applications including: Shallow Bedrock, High Water Table, Poor Soil Conditions, Poor Ground Percolation, Steep Slopes, Limited Property Area, Rocky Terrain  and also as a Replacement Alternative for Failing Septic Tanks & Field Lines.